Quick facts

  • Free WiFi
  • Beachfront location
  • Shallow sandy beach
  • Modern service building
  • Playground with football pitch
  • Laundry room
  • Family showers and diaper-changing room
  • Walking distance to ICA supermarket and bakery
  • Near restaurants
  • Located centrally for day trips
  • Close to adventure golf, indoor playground and pools

We offer accommodation right along the shallow, sandy beach and near a play area and football pitch. Conveniences are always nearby when you live in Köpingsvik.

Our beachfront accommodations are located in the middle of Köpingsvik. You will have easy access to a play area, football pitch, volleyball pitch and beach – the perfect natural meeting places for children of all ages.

Staying in Köpingsvik means you are always near conveniences such as an ICA supermarket, bakery and restaurants – all just a short walk away. The camping is small, which makes it a comfortable accommodation and where you as a guest is always near the facility buildings or the beach, no matter where you stay.

The shallow bay with its soft white sand is ideal for both small and bigger children.

You will find the following on Öland: zoo, aqua park, soapbox-car park, indoor playground, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), adventure golf, candy factory and many ancient historical and cultural sites. Köpingsvik is situated centrally on Öland, which makes it the perfect starting point for day trips across the entire Island.

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